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On May 23 afternoon, opening ceremony of section of Min Hang science and technology was in 2023 big 0 bays division achieves an edifice to hold. In the opening ceremony " achieve · butterfly to change wisdom go to " board piece, inc. of technology of beautiful case intelligence is wholy-owned subsidiaryScience and technology of intelligence of many squares formed by crossed lines (Shanghai) limited company(the following abbreviation: Intelligence of many squares formed by crossed lines) selected"Zhang Jiang's star " breed a plan the 2nd batch to grow model enterprise, the spot by honor medal.

"Zhang Jiang's star " the enterprise breeds a plan is to carry out fulfil country, Shanghai to expand a demand to high quality of new and high area, boost high new developed area of executive Zhang Jiang " 945 " the specific action move of the program, the target is the gradient inside 3 years is bred get army model, grow model, latent capacity enterprise 300. Breed working focusing ShanghaiMedicine of integrated circuit, biology, artificial intelligenceDomain of industry of 3 big core, and the characteristic industry domain such as low carbon of digital economy, green, enterprise of exert oneself aggrandizement is endowed with can, ceaseless promotion serves ability, optimize make innovation zoology and industrial modes of life and relation to their environment.

Before this, economic Commission of area of Shanghai Min travel was promulgated center of technology of business of Min travel division maintained a result 2022. Of center of technology of business of Min travel division maintain main the economic actual strength from the enterprise, management state, especially the respect such as investment of level of technique of the ability of innovation of research and development of industry technology center, group, patent amount, research and development undertakes assessment. Intelligence of many squares formed by crossed lines depends on competition ability of the technical level of innovation, market and development foreground, via the expert evaluation is maintained to beCenter of technology of business of Min travel division, obtain promulgate honorary certificate.

Industrialization of new and high technology promotes Economic Commission of area of travel of ▲ Shanghai Min central director Yun Weijun (left one)

Beautiful case intelligence is advanced vice-president Li Peng (left 2)

Zhang Shulin of chief inspector of research and development of product line of Shanghai of beautiful case intelligence (right one)

Intelligence of many squares formed by crossed lines regards technology of beautiful case intelligence as the base camp of research and development, have the outstanding product research and development that overtakes 500 people and service group, have deep technology to accumulate serve experience with rich client, managed friendly collaboration relation with on the whole world 1000 enterprises. Have the honor to win this "Zhang Jiang's star" "Center of technology of business of Min travel division" double the enterprise gives a shop sign, the sufficient affirmation that is latent capacity of ability of actual strength of pair of company research and development, innovation, development.

Technical innovation is the source power that the company expands, intelligence of many squares formed by crossed lines holds toInnovation drive develops the strategy, will before research of look up innovation and strategy of development of company high quality are united in wedlock, introduce technology of high administrative levels actively to manage a talented person, aggrandizement technology research and development and innovation use a group, innovation of ceaseless and perfect technology runs a system, build advanced industry technology center and all-around product system. Intelligence of many squares formed by crossed lines is a foundation with technology of wireless communication of new generation 4G/5G, devote oneself to to offer the standard M2M/ intelligence that is core with MEIGLink brand to install eminent not to have net of couplet of group of line communication model, content development of solution, technology serves Ji Yunping stage systematization solution.

The comprehensive arrival of digital economy times, 5G and AI are sure to become number wisdom to change the two big foundation stone of transition. Be aimed at 5G business, intelligence of many squares formed by crossed lines is ability of platform of tamp foundation research and development, compose builds 5G client zoology to construct a framework, calculate route of TCU of force, intelligence, 5G V2X car to cooperate with in the light of 5G chip platform, AI respectively, the many domains such as IoT of 5G industry Internet, extensive increase research and development to throw, compose builds 5G foundation capacity, realize an ode thereby can 1000 100 course of study.

The union of AI and content couplet net already became industry consensus, intelligence of many squares formed by crossed lines is newest rolled out the much money such as SNM930, SNM950, SNM960, SNM970 to calculate group of model of force AI intelligence high, can be AR, VR, XR, vision of gateway of retail terminal, intelligence, industry gathers equipment of terminal of margin calculation, mobile intelligence, direct seeding, intelligence implement, the applied domain such as the robot offers upright side to calculate force. Correspondence of matrix of product of form of model of current company intelligence calculates force to enclothe 0.2Tops~48Tops, the AI that help strength turns application in the dimensions of 1000 100 course of study.

Use a field in the light of car of intelligent network couplet, intelligence of many squares formed by crossed lines is made brand-new group of model of series of MA925 of step of plan of generation 5G car. Support of group of this series model is chosen match C-V2X function, support level of 3GPP 5G R16, the ITS 5.9GHz frequency with use unified whole world paragraph deploy V2X application, can use PC5 Mode4 mode to connect communication continuously, provide service of agile GNSS fixed position, can realize high accuracy to locate quickly. Have powerful operation capacity at the same time, calculate force integratedly to be as high as 22K DMIPS, contented car intelligence changes the requirement of application development.

Besides function exceedingly good outside, chip of ministry of inter block of MA925 series model accords with AEC-Q100 standard, strict according to IATF16949:2Research and development of level of system of management of quality of 016 automobiles industry and make, the car that can endure Yan Ke uses environmental test, hold stable and efficient communication property.

Future, intelligence of many squares formed by crossed lines will strengthen own innovation, promote good science and technology actual strength ceaselessly, with 5G+AIoT group of wireless communication model reachs content couplet net custom-built change a solution to be basis, for digital China construction and economic society progress make new contribution.