Chip + detect, the powerful powerful combination of RFID domain!


Recently, impinj alleges external buy Voyantic formally. It is reported, in buy after finishing, in the RFID tool that Impinj plans to blend in the test technology of Voyantic its to have and solution, this will make Impinj can provide more overall RFID product and service, satisfy different requirement of the client.

Impinj presiding apparitor overcomes Reese Dafote to express on the press conference, we are very glad to can blend in Voyantic Impinj, this buys the product development that will accelerate us and market to extend, enhance us to be in at the same time the leadership position of RFID technology domain " .

Voyantic is located in Finnish company as a headquarters, dedicated the research and development that tests a technology at RFID and production, the product of this company includes RFID to check instrument, software and relevant service, already by the whole world many industries apply extensively. Meanwhile, the agent that family country ability is in China as Voyantic in also make a statement for a short while express, the company will continue to offer high grade product kimono Wu for the client, help client improves the test efficiency of RFID and quality, quicken the application of RFID technology and promotion, promote the development of Chinese RFID industry jointly.

In addition, the company will continue deep ploughing RFID checks a domain, the banner technology of Voyantic of have the aid of and solution, the vitality with the RFID industry new infuse that is China and motivation, drive the rapid development of RFID technology and application, make contribution for the prosperity of Chinese RFID industry and development. No matter be,the respect waits in quality of innovation of product quality, technology, service, family country ability will maintain top-ranking level in, offer for the client more high grade the service with major, make RFID test job of the client more smooth mix efficient. Buy this, will consolidate Impinj is in further the position of RFID technology domain, the business that promotes this company grows and innovate. In recent years, make the ceaseless progress that waits for burgeoning technology as content couplet net and intelligence, RFID technology has become implementation automation, intelligence to transform main base of production. And the person that Impinj regards RFID technology as the outstanding of the domain, its extend the experience that waits for a respect and actual strength in innovation of technical research and development, product, market, the development that promotes whole industry further. Anyhow, buy this to Impinj, Voyantic and whole RFID industry, have very important sense. Believe to be below bilateral joint efforts, RFID technology will get more wide application and promotion, change to realize intelligence, automation production and management provide more outstanding technology support.