Malic new patent obtains batch: Digital watch coronal changes " rocker " , can come true t


On May 26 message, according to American brand and Patent Office (USPTO) fair shown detailed list, the apple obtained to involve a number to express a coronal recently (Digital Crown) the technology is patent, in existing rotate and press hit an operation besides, Still can differ forward direction is mobile.

The apple introduced a number to express a coronal in Apple Watch watch and AirPods Max earphone, the user can hit the operation with different implementation through rotate and be being pressed. The apple wins approved patent before this in, still plan to introduce a number to express a coronal in IPad.

The apple is in newest patent, for the number watch coronal added new interactive mode. The home of IT designs draft in this attach patent, it is with 2A picture exemple, pushbutton uses agile float type design, The user can resemble rocker same forward many direction are mobile, come true thereby richer alternant.