Supplier of Etc system solution plan retreat retreat city certainly


1, supplier of Etc system solution plan retreat retreat city certainly

On May 19 evening, plan retreat (300330.SZ) announced about receiving " the stock is stopped appear on the market check decides a book " announcement. Announcement shows, the company allots at getting Shenzhen stock exchange on April 20, 2023 " about Shanghai Hua Hong plan connects stock of intelligent system Inc. to stop systematic decision " (the 〔 on deep card 2023 〕 337) , hand in a decision greatly to stop company stock to appear on the market.

Plan held water 1997, register capital 170 million yuan, the company is to be based on technology of radio frequency identifying (the electron of RFID) collects fees with pay systematic solution supplier and equipment supplier, doing poineering work on June 19, 2012 board appear on the market.

2, high frequency RFID reads Dong Jichao write implement apply successfully at steely enterprise

The maturity as RFID technology and gain ground, technologies of more and more RFID of production company option will upgrade produce a line. Recently, enterprise of some iron and steel is in deploy east the line of steel wire shade of collect RFID technology produces the positive feedback that the 12%+ that extract effect harvested on the line, positive result is satisfactory.

Collect RFID equipment applies at line of steel wire shade to produce a line east. Line of steel wire shade is tire one of main framework material, accumulate great weight roughly, production and carriage environment all relatively abominable, RFID technology with but remote knowledge read, the environment gets used to strong, label but answer with, the advantage such as exclusive ID label is in the link such as the manufacturing process government that line of steel wire shade produces a line, storeroom management applies successfully.

3, the new-style sensor hopeful that apery eye designs replaces camera filter looking glass

According to newest research news, the scientists that Ni Yazhou of standard of American guest evening establishs an university imitate the retinal design of person eye, development went a kind of new-style image sensor, it can be planted to red, green, La San the perception of color and nerve network undertake handling, as a result can be below the circumstance that does not have filter lens the picture that produces high quality. To the result of apery eye achieves in new-style sensor, scientists used detector of photoelectricity of mine of tape calcic titanium. Alleged photoelectricity detector is a kind can the parts of an apparatus date of telecommunication of light energy translate into, mix to camera a lot of other and optical technologies are indispensable; Tape photoelectricity detector criterion can the single share in dedicated Yu Guangpu, the red, green, La San that makes visible light for instance is planted color. This equipment imitated awl shape cell of the mankind, receive its repeatedly kind of nerve algorithm, imitate nerve network of the mankind, will handle information and rebuild image.

4, agricultural sensor predicts 2025Year reach growth 26.5100 million dollars

Agricultural sensor is a kind of device that is used at monitor and collecting agricultural environment data, include edaphic temperature, humidity, illumination, air temperature, rainfall to wait. These sensor can apply at the agricultural domain such as farm, conservatory, orchard, grapery, animal form, help farmer supervises agricultural production better, raise agriculture to produce efficiency and quality. Carry agricultural sensor, the farmer can monitor farm environment change in real time, take corresponding step in time, avoid crop stricken be hit by a natural adversity, increase agricultural crop and profit. Show according to data, dimensions of market of global agriculture sensor reached 1.24 billion dollar 2019, predict to reached growth 2025 2.65 billion dollar, year compound increase rate is 11.7% . As the ceaseless development with agrotechnical intelligence and application, dimensions of agricultural sensor market returns hopeful to continue to expand.

5, our country takes the lead the ITU that makeInternational standard " cloud computation risk manages frame " release formally

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) at releasing the cloud formally 2023 computational risk runs frame level: Framework Of Risk Management of – of ITU-T Y.3539 Cloud Computing. This international standard corresponds by Chinese information academy (the following abbreviation " Chinese letter connects a courtyard " ) take the lead make, occurrence service is faced with in aiming to run a course in the light of cloud computation missing, data reveals not usable, data wait for risk consequence to put forward to manage a method.

" Framework Of Risk Management of – of ITU-T Y.3539 Cloud Computing " the standard is normative cloud computation risk manages flow, use at coaching the enterprise combs risk management weakness to nod. It is the risk is evaluated, 11 keys in identifying cloud computation environment adequately are nodded, the potential menace that suffers possibly to its, frangibility and risk government ability undertake discriminating, bring about potential losing inducement certainly, combinative cloud computation applies value to undertake risk estimation; 2 it is the risk deals with, be based on cloud computation risk to evaluate a result, choice risk is reduced, the risk maintains, risk evasive or venture move deals with method; 3 it is the cloud computational risk is communicated and monitor, responsibility of cloud computation safety should serve Shang Yuyun to serve a client to be assumed jointly by the cloud, both sides should establish communication mechanism, exchange and share risk information, the menace in needing pair of cloud computation environments in addition and frangibility undertake persistent monitoring, can last of the cloud in order to ensure operation.

Cloud computation risk manages frame

6, 360Go up line " AIShop "tool of artificial intelligence of compositive whole world

A few days ago, zhou Hong Dai announces 360 group author, 360 will go up line AI shop. 360AI shop regards AI as navigation, will compositive whole world is of all kinds AI tool, the poineering firm that uses flow dominant position to be perpendicular application of AI of research and development on one hand is offerred show the window, make tool of average user use AI more convenient on the other hand. Zhou Hong Dai expresses, develop as type of leap forward of large linguistic model, china will be entered " big fight of 10 thousand models " , should allow an user " poll with the foot " .

As we have learned, at present 360AI shop assemble frequency of writing of constructive, AI, AI makes AI wait for more than 10 kinds hundreds of kinds of tools, unified display and navigation. Introduce according to Zhou Hong Dai , tool of a lot of AI is to be based on the SaaS of the browser to turn application, and 360 browsers are had exceed 400 million user, can offer for AI application show the window and discharge entry.

7, Chinese shift suspends opening ESIMBusiness of a double terminal, already dealt with an user to be able to be used normally

Chinese shift and much mark government issue announcement, announce to suspend business of a double terminal dealing with.

"Respectable user hello! Since May 16, 2023, because business is safeguarded,upgrade, watch of this ESIM of manage of close down of App of short duration business of a double terminal, restore to deal with time to inform separately. Already handled the user of business of a double terminal, can continue to be used normally, but if cancel professional work of a double terminal, the likelihood cannot be dealt with again. Bring inconvenience to you, forgive please. Forgive please..

As we have learned, china is mobile a double terminal is two terminal are shared same a business of number, this business is the mobile phone the user number and can apparel equipment undertakes binding deciding (bind the mobile phone after deciding to be namely " advocate equipment " , apparel equipment is namely " auxiliary equipment " ) , no matter the user is made,giving priority to is to be called, advocate auxiliary equipment all presents same number external. Below the setting that satisfies an user to carry a mobile phone in inconvenience (like outdoors motion, attend the conference to wait) , through can appareling equipment and outside correspond, enjoy " communicate carry wrist can be amounted to " experience!

8, Shenzhen city wisdom jockeys exclusive base of popular science of class of a city falls center of calm nimble suitable science and technology

Recently, association of Shenzhen city science and technology is released " about demonstrative dot of base of Shenzhen city popular science, popular science (2023-2027 year) plan to maintain reach those who plan to aid financially list is fair show " , declare through the unit, division division assist recommend, the program such as expert evaluation, comprehensive assessment, nimble arranges science and technology from numerous await in choosing an unit, show itself, the exhibition hall of popular science of number of center of nimble suitable science and technology that its build operation is maintained to be " base of popular science of city of 2022 year Shenzhen " .

Nimble arranges base of popular science of number of center of science and technology to be located in nimble to arrange headquarters of science and technology, it is to face what social masses opens operation to jockey about wisdom city construction, wisdom the base of digitlization popular science that waits for a theme. Exhibition hall with " is the link infinite? Wisdom space " differentiate to jockey for wisdom for masterstroke cloud of digital exhibition hall, whole nation is mandatory exhibition hall of hardware of center, intelligence 3 popular science board piece, combinative victory suitable science and technology is in 31 years " the car goes + the person goes + charge " influence construction operation ability subtly, show wisdom to jockey passageway of operation of construction of whole modes of life and relation to their environment, entrance guard and charge picket builds operation, and solution and setting operation serve the couplet of professional wisdom content such as operation of digitlization of area of garden of wisdom community, wisdom.

Base has major explain a group, use means of interconnection of modern science and technology adequately at the same time, sex of will professional, knowledge, interest sex and interactive sex be in harmony are an organic whole, offer the vividdest digitlization for social masses the technology is revealed and digital economy concept spreads.

9, People's Daily: Mining robot industry is bigger latent capacity

On May 23 message, people's Daily comment says, robot application is extended ceaselessly, the manufacturing industry that prop up is marched toward in high end. Scale of robot industry oneself is not large, but energy nots allow small gaze. Regard production as the tool, the robot has an operation the characteristic such as careful, stability, can solve the difficult problem of segment of a few production; Regard burgeoning technology as carrier, the robot is the bridge of the manufacturing industry of digital technology join such as artificial intelligence, 5G. Current, digital economy in the ascendant, intelligence is changed, net couplet is changed, flexible change make advance quickly. Produce the prize effect of good robot, can let manufacturing industry carry qualitative synergism not only, return new field of hopeful open up, new circuit, for manufacturing industry development creates new opportunity.

AI large model + person entity robot, strode the one stride that leads to general artificial intelligence. Robot evolution method: From secure shift, arrive from independence cooperation, from onefold arrive general. Serving a robot to commercialize the premise of be born is the product can offer real value, the judgement of real value depends on a robot whether general. entity of person of robot make it, it is to make the executive capacity of the robot more current, the arisen and rapid development of upriver core component as synergic machinery arm, promoted the promotion of engineering capability of noumenon of hardware of person entity robot, the high speed that accompanies automatic road-sense at the same time develops, person entity robot had more plan choices on vision, SLAM and fundamental AI, the occurrence of large model, can realize the union of colleague form robot from the many sided such as speech, vision, decision-making, control, form closed circuit of perception, decision-making, control. We think robot industry will enter the new level that permeability elevates quickly, value robot industry to develop prospect.

10, Tecent SSVRoll out "Silver age guards card ", real time shows state of old person safety

Lab of science and technology of Tecent SSV silver hair combines couplet of a few meters of content, rolled out jointly " silver age guards card " , will have commonweal price with the price of hardware cost 199 yuan of sale (set limit to 1000) , cost price 239 yuan, commonweal privilege adds the telephone call that gives a year to block cost. "Silver age guards card " with children Duan Yinling guards small order and community to carry silver hair to guard platform get through, family member, community and orgnaization can pass silver age small order and guardianship platform, master the safe state of the old person at any time.

This product function is as follows:

    Pass the three relocation of network of WiFi, 4G, satellite, family member, community and orgnaization can understand old person track at any time, prevent old person be lost;

    The electronic crawl of safe guardianship area is installed on the map through small order, once the old person walks out of safe area, silver age guards card to be able to pass the multiple means such as announcement of short message, phone, platform to call the police immediately;

    If the old person encounters sudden accident situation, can grow the SOS key-press that presses silver age to guard card to go up, one key is urgent cry for help.