Cure abandons the online system that monitor how to realize the cure inside the courtyard to abandon


Cure abandons the online system that monitor how to realize the cure inside the courtyard to abandon management

Medical treatment trash includes contagious bacteria, chemical pollution and radioactivity harmful material, be called top class and dangerous rubbish, great to social environment and communal and healthy harm, if cannot get appropriate processing, will cause serious pollution to social environment. Accordingly, the hospital does the intelligence of trash of good medical treatment to turn management seriously, arrive from the cradle to medical treatment trash sepulchral completely periodic management, it is the effective safeguard that maintains health of numerous people, medical worker.

To realize medical treatment trash the intelligence inside the hospital turns management, limited company of the technology of Shaanxi public intelligence that monitor is own research and developmentMedical treatment trash is online the system that monitor, make cure useless run business and operation more informatization and standardization, the system carries pair of medical treatment waste material from generation, collect, have a change of luck, of short duration is put, the whole process management of put in storage, delivery of cargo from storage, promoted trash of the medical treatment inside the hospital standardization government further.

Cure abandons the online system that monitor how to realize the cure inside the courtyard to abandon management:

1, classification of medical treatment trash is enclosed

Collect medical treatment waste material by each section office nurses, the reoccupy in classifying sack is plunged into carry the bar code tag with stickup and corresponding heal.

2, collect a worker to switch on the mobile phone land a system

Collect a worker to switch on the mobile phone, scan oneself industry card lands a system.

3, before collecting a worker, collect toward section office

Collect a worker to head for section office to collect according to compasses route, after reaching section office, scan first nurse industry card, in laying waste material of single bag medical treatment medical treatment trash to collect a car next, undertake saying to weigh, say heavy process system takes a picture automatically with transcribe video, ensure say to be abandoned with cure again enclose complete, say heavy data is mixed hand over information to upload automatically, trash of section office medical treatment collects the scanning after ending to hand over a code, the system prints an electron automatically to answer sheet, hand over a nurse to undertake affirming to returning sheet content, ensure collect quantitative information to not have by accident, affirm without by accident hind, will answer sheet stickup abandon to section office cure hand over this keep, before collecting a worker, toward the next section office continues to collect.

4, put in storage

The medical treatment waste material that already will collect a worker sends to cure to abandon of short duration to put a drop, put bit of put in storage that sweep a code in of short duration.

5, collect Che Qing to wash disinfection

Collected a worker that day after ending, undertake rinse and be alexipharmiced to collecting a car.

6, delivery of cargo from storage

Of short duration puts bit of administrator and company of waste disposal of tripartite medical treatment to have sex, wait for car of have a change of luck of medical treatment trash to sweep car of code, outfit centrally, fill in environmental protection connects triplicate form,

Medical treatment trash is mixed from the trends that collects whole journey of delivery of cargo from storage data, all can carry medical treatment waste material the online system that monitor undertakes intelligence is superintended track with shift, be on the move to collecting all sorts of early-warning information in the process, the courtyard just runs a department continuously, the logistics department undertakes one class is handled, courtyard move division undertakes examine and verify affirms, ensure collect flow to close compasses, collect, put in storage, data of delivery of cargo from storage is not had by accident, accomplish interior of hospital of medical treatment trash 0 accidents.

The article monitors technical limited company by Shaanxi public intelligence small weave whole tonsorial cloth, limited company of the technology of Shaanxi public intelligence that monitor is dimension of market production, research and development, sale, carry the high-tech enterprise at an organic whole, company dedicated Yu Zhihui is communal career of medical treatment of wholesome, wisdom, offer wisdom solution of big data of solution of communal and wholesome safe informatization and wisdom sanitation, main product has own research and development " provincial and communal sanitation is online monitor big data platform " , include " drinking water sanitation is safe and online the system that monitor " , "Medical treatment trash is online superintendency system" , " the hospital is radiative family security is online superintendency system " wait. The system uses technology of content couplet net, contemporary sensor and big data to analyse the implementation such as the technologyCure is useless online monitor superintendFunction, help the orgnaization such as wholesome supervisory branch, hospital pass technical measure innovation to superintend mode, improve work efficiency, ensure public safety.