Blame detain positioning pipe accuses: Reduce the detain before needless careful


According to our country top people procuratorate is newest issuance relevant policy, advocate mechanism of countrywide procuratorial work to perfect do not catch the risk that does not appeal to to evaluate, prevent accuse to ensure a mechanism with lawsuit, aggrandizement essence is refined examine, strengthen trends to dog supervisory management, compose builds society of blame detain lawsuit to support a system, form perfect prevent control a system. Enlarge blame detain electron to superintend a system further pilot limits, make full use of method of science and technology, explore coercive measures of applicable blame detain actively to ensure a mechanism.

Writing the east longitude crosses sufficient demand survey, combine the real need in be not process of detain litigation work, apply the IT such as analysis of net of couplet of network and computer technology, communication technology, content, big data, own research and development canal of intelligence of fixed position of blame detain staff controls a system. The system applies technology of content couplet net to realize pair of personnel real time fixed position, contrail dogs, cross the border calls the police, ban ban piece, the heartbeat is monitored wait for a function. Enhance safe superintendency strength, raise public security organs to superintend orgnaization work efficiency, ease actuating pressure, from real significance implementation is not detain litigation work to manage informatization, intelligence to change, standardization.

The canal accuses platform to time collect dogs information of controlled staff fixed position, answer fixed position information central platform to undertake unity management, analysis, memory, statistic through transmitting a network to pass. Altogether of authentic breath each other enjoys various superintendency platform, implementation superior unit is unified examine inferior unit information of position of staff of all blame detain, inferior unit passes attributive allocation, the information of fixed position of blame detain staff that examines this area in real time and call the police information.

Systematic function introduces

Blame detain personnel locates intelligent canal controls a system

Canal of personnel of detain of writing East Africa accuses platform, the real time fixed position that can realize pair of personnel, contrail dogs, cross the border calls the police, ban ban piece, the heartbeat is monitored wait for a function. Defeat solution effectively to be not the superintendency difficult problem of suspect of crime of detain coercive measures to adopting already, also be helpful for mechanism of public security organs strengthening the law that implements to be not detain coercive measures to supervise.

Monitoring of fixed position of 01 real time

Change according to be not environment of detain staff position, match pattern of best fixed position automatically, realize mode to not have seam switch, time the positional information that reports blame detain personnel, show wrist watch and information of state of mobile phone APP in real time.

02 histories contrail inquires

Personnel of detain of tiring-room record blame is all historical position information, the historical motion contrail that can inquire blame detain personnel in detail and the detailed state information that all fixed position nod, make unusual action statistic analyse to data, answer through orbit put examine blame detain personnel the mobile contrail during this.

03 electrons crawl

Area of activity of systematic support scale and off-limits area the electronic crawl of two kinds of types. Support a variety of scale way: Selection administration area differentiates, the hand moves electronic crawl to differentiate, demarcate is not detain personnel but mobile area, once exceed the crawl range of set, the system calls the police instantly.

04 real time call the police

The status that monitoring platform receives facility continuously in real time, fixed position is unusual circumstance, disassemble illegally when occurrence equipment, watchband clipping, n crosses the unusual situation such as cross the border of low, fixed position, platform will sound the article that reach a figure is pushed for a short while send call the police the means such as information reminds superintendency personnel attention.

05 orgnaizations manage

Platform can undertake to running unit and subordinate unit the orgnaization is founded, orgnaization of superior of implementation public security organs undertakes unity administrative to unit of all subordinate orgnaization, need not repass is various the data butt joint between the unit works.

06 messages are pushed send

Systematic support is directional to be not detain personnel send short message, express terminal through wrist of platform make choice of, the editor needs to push sent information content, can push information content in time send the wrist that make to express hand-in-hand travel to show.

Whether does personnel of self-recording blame detain examine the system read.