Hit pain spot continuously! Boat of add of label of UWB fixed position is counted year, the price be


Indoor fixed position is platitude topic already, although pass development of a few years, the plan is not mark that changes with extreme quick short steps from beginning to end appears, project hard closed circuit be born. Nooploop sky devotes oneself to to make modes of life and relation to their environment of level of an indoor position circularly, dedicated offer essence of life to permit fixed position equipment, face all and compositive business to develop API interface in the round, solve the problem of 4 big pain spot in indoor fixed position, make indoor fixed position can fall jointly local case.

Fixed position precision and fixed position dependability

Speak of indoor fixed position, what consider above all is to locate essence of life allows, however oversight fixed position dependability, still can maintain the position result with reliable height when sufferring keep out, environment to disturb namely, and won't be caused to systematic frame destroy (when if become,having keep out, will reduce the effect of keep out through increasing fixed position frequency ceaselessly, but the add boat that this action can reduce label substantially) . System of IPS indoor location, precision of mature fixed position and dependability, inside network of same Zhang Tongxin, be based on UWB technology, support TDOA and AOA confluence fixed position at the same time, in height reliable large area installs TDOA radical station, in the individual area installation of opposite hollowness AOA radical stands (if AOA wants to raise fixed position dependability below keep out environment, need to install many AOA base station, often 4, right now as good as stands at installing TDOA radical, and AOA cost often taller) , implementation issues precision to be as high as the fixed position precision of 10-30cm in environment of typical low keep out, below keep out and interference environment, still maintain inferior result of rice class position.

Label grows low cost of add boat and facility

Speak of UWB, yan Bigao power comsumption and high cost, like that the fact is not such. Power comsumption is tall because,be some earlier the technical understanding to UWB keeps industry of year of indoor fixed position in technology of generation UWB as before, because setting fragment is changed,high cost is with the product blame mark is changed. The research and development with every project devoted and many need, production undertakes comfortable match, bring about cost to be reduced hard. System of IPS indoor location, be based on technology of wireless communication of the 2nd acting UWB, supportive 6.5GHz and 8.0GHz two frequency paragraph, be based on accumulate in the deep ploughing of UWB domain and field data of thousands of client for years, perfection is pursued in power comsumption respect, make the add boat time of fixed position label can be accepted by majority industry place. The many factories laid of enterprise of brand of some famous mobile phone IPS system, used 1000 T04 label among them, manufacturing workshop is large instrument equipment fixed position, optimize equipment to attemper efficiency and automatic check goods and materials, if move everyday according to equipment,time is 2 hours, criterion add boat time can be in 1.5 years (see next tables) break up on the foundation times to 3 years of above. It is fixed position radical stands or label all is standardization product no matter, scope effect reduced equipment to equally shared substantially cost, use a hundreds yuan fixed position label formerly, in system of IPS indoor location, begin stage by stage under 100 yuan!

Base the station builds cost

Profit from UWB locates the high accuracy with unique domain locates indoors advantage, system of IPS indoor location supports function of the demarcate that choose a plan, combinative map information and base stand from calibration mechanism, can satisfy precision of demarcate of setting of groovy fixed position, reduced such as to need professional to use the special apparatus such as Quan Zhanyi to have the time of demarcate substantially, reduced executive installation cost thereby. In the meantime, IPS is increasing wireless fixed position base station, reduce the cost that POE wiring brings further.

Open adequately make healthy modes of life and relation to their environment

System of IPS indoor location opens API interface adequately, pass this interface, those who come true to wait for data with fixed position, configuration, map is alternant. Zoology associate is based on perpendicular market territory, technology of will indoor fixed position is compositive in its business system, implementation essence allows fixed position to endow with can. Nooploop sky loop is dedicated offer height reliable, can the equipment of indoor fixed position of be born, endow with for each industry jointly with zoology associate can.