Breakthrough limit: Homebred grind oneself 4G CMOS PA- - ground core cloud vacates series to taste a


On May 18, limited company of science and technology of Hangzhou ground core (the following abbreviation: Ground core science and technology) taste a news briefing newly to be held smoothly in Shanghai, the linear CMOS PA that takes the lead in releasing the supportive 4G that is based on CMOS craft inside global limits --Ground core cloud vacates GC0643. Ground core cloud is vacated is the platform of CMOS engineering technology that ground core science and technology innovates completely independently, contain technology of patent of multinomial forward position, GC0643 is a much model that is based on ground core cloud to vacate technical platform module of amplifier of much frequency power (MMMB PAM) , it applies at 3G/4G to hold facility (include mobile phone etc to hold mobile terminal) and equipment of network of Cat.1 content couplet, support much frequency many paragraphs the application that make type, supportable still but control of process designing MIPI.

CMOS craft is the uses most extensively engineering technology in integrated circuit, have tall compositive degree, low cost, small leakage current, thermal conductivity good, design is agile wait for character, but also put in puncture report depress, degree of linearity to need two old congenital corrupt practice, make its are faced with tremendous skill to challenge on application of radio frequency PA. The technology of CMOS PA of linear of virgin group deep ploughing of ground core science and technology more than 10 years, undertake innovating on the experience foundation of associate with, captured puncture report depress, degree of linearity differs difficult problem of two macrocosm class craft, take the lead in measuring the linear CMOS PA that produces supportive 4G inside global limits, will make the PA of CMOS craft enters market of front of mainstream radio frequency to become a possibility.


Ground core cloud vacates GC0643 technology window

Those who be based on CMOS craft course is brand-new PA of much model much frequency designs train of thought

Much standard of much frequency of support of innovation switch design is single piece compositive

The linearization circuit of innovation is designed

Low power comsumption, low cost, tall compositive degree, high reliability


Ground core cloud rises GC0643 application field

Net of couplet of content of vast region of low power comsumption (LP-WAN) equipment

3G/4G mobile phone or other shift hold facility

Wireless IoT module

Support makes the wireless communication of type below:

? FDD LTE Bands 1, 3, 4, 5, 8

? TDD LTE Bands 34, 39, 40, 41

›WCDMA Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8

Gravel of Wu Rui of CEO of ground core science and technology expresses, "The framework of the CMOS PA of Common-Source framework and HBT is similar, its are nonlinear it is particularly intractable to be not actually arrive to be handled hard, main problem depends on cannot bearing too tall power source voltage. " point out at the same time, "CMOS craft offerred phyletic and substantial parts of an apparatus, and agile design sex, adopt clever circuit design, what can compensate transistor itself with the means of imitate and number is nonlinear. This also is one of tasks with CMOS PA the mainest design. This also is one of tasks with CMOS PA the mainest design..

Below the power source voltage of 3.4V, in CMOS craft hard the 2.5G that look forward to reachs is high frequency paragraph, ground core cloud vacates GC0643 to be able to output the saturated power of 32dBm, efficiency is adjacent 50% ; Below the modulation means of LTE10M 12RB, - the linear power of 38dBc UTRA ACLR can amount to 27.5dBbm (MPR0) , FOM value is adjacent 70, than the linear PA of humeral GaAs craft. Below the power source voltage of 4.5V, psat is to approach 34dBm more, passed VSWR 1:1 below PsatThe SOA dependability of 0 checks. This design captured successfully the main contradiction of CMOS PA dependability and degree of linearity, adumbrative GC0643 can enter Psat completely to be 30-36dBm mainstream market.

About ground core

Limited company of science and technology of Hangzhou ground core held water 2018, headquarters is located in Zhejiang Hangzhou, set branch in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Company dedicated simulation and research and development of radio frequency integrated circuit, have complete research and development and quantity to produce ability, devote oneself to to become the person that the chip of high-end imitate radio frequency with banner whole world is designed and offer. Through development of nearly 5 years, ground core had formed front of radio frequency of content couplet net, radio frequency to send and receive machine and imitate signal catenary 3 big product line, product application pervades a lot of domain such as electron of wireless communication, industry and content couplet net. Regard a country as company of new and high technology, the architect of chip mixes the high-end imitate radio frequency of net of couplet of the 5G that ground core devotes oneself to to become the whole world to precede, content and industrial electron the person that offer.