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On May 17, "Navigate of industry of network of couplet of 2023 China content person the peak is met · Shanghai station and 2022 ' the star of content couplet ' prize-giving celebration of sheet of a list of names posted up of year of industry of network of Chinese content couplet " in assembly room of exhibition of Shanghai world rich 1 success is held.

This second peak can coordinate net of meeting content couplet by economy of long triangle city only appoint the meeting is direct, sponsor by association of industry of network of couplet of Shenzhen city other people, net of Shanghai content couplet guild assist do, library of academy of star chart of content couplet medium, IOTE, AIoT, AIoT, several Zhi Rui horn undertake, by TE Connectivity, Hangzhou limited company of fast benefit science and technology provides assistance.

The peak is met with " build digital economy base through IoT compose " for the theme, gather together colleague of industry of network of couplet of expert of high level of orgnaization of many guild controller, investment, research organization, content, system is compositive business controller produce learn to grind delegate of honored guest of entire cable length, discuss the technical tendency of content couplet net jointly, share the realest industry experience.

The speech honored guest that this second peak meets is respectively: Director of technology of content couplet net and applied institute is like academy of limited company of mobile of fourth perilous peak of chief scientist of & of copartner of management of cloud of Luo Song of assistant director of Internet of industry of academy of communication of Yang Xueshan of former undersecretary of industry and informatization ministry, China information and institute of content couplet net, everythings on earth, China roc of be apt to.

Meanwhile, sponsor during congress still just released " 2022 white paper of industry of network of couplet of Shenzhen city other people " , provide the dried food that has value extremely for the personage inside course of study; Additional, 2022 " the star of content couplet " only prize-giving celebration also is in a list of names posted up of year of industry of network of Chinese content couplet synchronism is held during congress, cent of sheet of a list of names posted up is " industry of content couplet network 100 strong a list of names posted up " , " a list of names posted up of value of investment of content couplet net 50 strong " , " a list of names posted up of product of innovation of content couplet net " , " Top50 of case of surveyor's pole of content couplet net " 4, undertake commending to company of exceedingly good content couplet network was behaved 2022.

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Association of industry of network of couplet of Shenzhen city other people carries out chairman poplar Wei to surprise

"Thank each leader and colleague to arrive at this second peak to meet. Industry of content couplet network grows up to now, harvested the countless achievement of bright look, this achievement cannot leave us all ' person of content couplet net ' hard. Be in nevertheless achievement backside, actually exists a few ' secret worry ' , include an industry competition of involute, market is intense etc. In other words, this is best times, because interconnection of everythings on earth is upgrading,our life experiences; At the same time this also is the hardest times, because although 3 years of epidemic situation are firm,pass, we greeted the instability of ground fringe politics, economy again. Here setting falls, we are honoured to be able to regard enterprise and enterprise, industry and industry as the bridge between very much, let everybody can share successful experience, also hope to be able to be each enterprise, colleague to rise to draw lessons from action. Thank again everybody can be assembled in today hereat, acknowledgment! Acknowledgment!!

-- Yang Wei of executive chairman of association of industry of network of couplet of Shenzhen city other people is strange

The theme shares link

Change to intelligence from couplet of perception, content, the right season or time of couplet of intelligent other people

Yang Xueshan of former undersecretary of industry and informatization ministry

In 21 centuries, the development of science and technology and economy already showed positive to close, scan widely world all is such, it is related our country directive file also is to be released time and again. Conference of first time of committee of the 20th central finance and economics points out -- advance industrial intelligence to change, green is changed, confluence is changed, construction has the modern industry system of integrality, advanced sex, security.

Yang Xueshan of former undersecretary of industry and informatization ministry points out, each industry procedure will develop along a method, come true to control the mankind to be absent from person overall namely the spot, the 6 phase model that complete autonomy runs, and the model is here medium, feeling content couplet is a foundation. Poplar the minister earlies childhood, in 1000 100 course of study Dou Yizhi can spend the period that gives priority to melody in, perception, algorithm calculates couplet of force, model, professional knowledge, content is among them important element. Subsequently poplar the digitlizes transition big environment that the minister analysed our country, the company transition of our country upgrades or beg on one hand be more than the condition that offer, knowledge of the perceptive capacity that on the other hand specific setting leaves, sensor, project and experience short still board. Finally poplar ministerial introduction path, at present our country should move toward intelligence to change and realize company value, still need to make clear above all direction, method, demand, foundation and compare a dominant position, the 2nd still need a work steadily on technical development, the 3rd also need to follow market standard on commercial pattern.

Industrial Internet label is analytic drive an industry to digitlize transition

Luo Song of assistant director of Internet of industry of academy of Chinese information communication and institute of content couplet net

As make big country, the industrial development of our country ranks world front row from beginning to end, and below the macroscopical setting that is in digital China, how to promote a dimension to spend the industrial dimensions of manufacturing industry again, already was the key that the personage inside course of study pays close attention to.

The assistant director Luo Song that comes from academy of Chinese information communication is aimed at the theme such as net of couplet of industrial Internet, content, discussed the big trend in digitlization to fall, the label is analytic how to endow with can the setting such as industry. In thematic speech link, luo Suoxian is being changed independently to technology of content couplet net, intensive is changed, dimensions changed the gradual progress that go up and applied mode to undertake discussing, and the mark sex event that specific aim ground explained industry of platform of content couplet net to happen in recent years; After this, luo Suo refers to the fixed position of industrial Internet, connotation read, announced the method that its digitlize transition and methodology, introduce a label the function of analytic technology and value; Finally, luo Suoxiang analysed pattern of the development existing state of affairs with analytic label, application finely, judge industry and label through different applied case the prospective trend of analytic technology.

What is the net of dimensional content couplet of cloud of everythings on earth

Cloud of everythings on earth manages fourth perilous peak of copartner & chief scientist

Be aimed at the changes that digitlizes a times, world of word of logarithm of cloud of everythings on earth undertook conception, this second peak will be medium, the fourth perilous peak of speech honored guest that comes from cloud of everythings on earth is a foundation with digital world, unscrambled net of dimensional content couplet this one concept.

In speech link, ding Zongxian is mixed to the technology in industry of content couplet network the circumstance of two end undertook the market be combed simply, in the light of current technology development settles the case of problem of the people's livelihood actually hard, analysed our country " the technology is made in the tower of ivory " the current situation. After this, the development existing state of affairs of industry of network of couplet of the gradual progress course that Ding Zong discussed technique of content couplet net respectively, content, the change that is aimed at macroscopical environment and industry modes of life and relation to their environment undertook an analysis, subsequently Ding Zong is with property industry exemple, summarized the function of platform, system, network calculating force and value. Among them, ding Zong mentions the importance of the regional government such as area of community, garden mainly, after tearing open the demand that sees each link, ding Zong mixes physical world digital world's direct bridge assimilate to " the Anzhuo operating system of digital space " , express to join through IoT technology equipment already was the mainstream trend of instantly, and through data of visible analysis entire cable length and compose builds a system, just be the rigid demand of technology of content couplet net. Finally, ding Zong is calculated through subtense predestined relationship of relevant case reveal, depict went out to be endowed with through digitlization can the wonderful picture scroll of 1000 100 course of study.

Passive content couplet, new era of interconnection of intelligence of open everythings on earth

Technology of content couplet net and applied institute director are like academy of Chinese mobile limited company roc of be apt to

Net of passive content couplet is to last in recent years fervent circuit, also be the topic that the heat in the mouth does not decrease practitioner of content couplet net, actually at the same time time value and market space also make a person curious all the time... meet in this second peak in, the Xiao Shanpeng that comes from academy of Chinese mobile limited company discussed this issue with respect to the key.

In speech link, xiao Suo was aimed at the applied demand of net of passive content couplet and technical gradual progress to undertake discussion, from supply and demand the application of two end and plan undertook an analysis, refer to setting of relevant bureau region, vast region read. After this, xiao Suo discussed net of beehive content couplet to combine huge terminal to gift mainly the macrocosm perception below much setting, pass the innovation that unscrambles technology of net of couplet of beehive passive content to go up, and the capacity that brings for the product increases, analysed this technology to be the value that the industry brings in using a process. Finally, xiao Suo introduced couplet of Chinese mobile passive to start a center to everybody, reach its to cooperate with as the industry the function of platform and obligation, add a brick to add tile for net of passive content couplet.

Everythings on earth all interconnection- TE aids force IOT to face future to carry end application solution

TE Connectivity data and area of Asia-Pacific of LOT of ministry of terminal unit career sell chief Xu Shiwei

The demand that before be based on content couplet mesh, faces is too complex, optional choose product is too wide the challenge of extensive, to application of more and more perpendicular content couplet net, TE Connectivity made an analysis in the light of the requirement that carries end.

The Xu Shiwei that comes from TE Connectivity discussed IoT to affect the largest trade at present above all, emphasize in each industry deep then discuss an industry to be opposite the demand of content couplet net, include budget, cost, be able to bear or endure suffer gender, miniature to change etc. Make total basis have the applied setting with larger scale subsequently -- intelligent floor space, intelligence is tracked undertook concrete analysis, join the use case of Wi-Fi 6E of wireless communication agreement finally, the type selecting to antenna of communication of content couplet net and comfortable deserve to spend undertook introductory. Make total introduction, the net carries couplet giving thing to carried a solution to bring updated understanding.

Azure OpenAIOde can industry of content couplet network innovates

Aperture of manager of product of Azure of area of Microsoft big China is peaceful

Be based on ChatGPT to be in of the whole world hot, people had new knowledge to the ability of AI, and it may not be a bad idea of practitioner of content couplet net is strange how will it be an industry to endow with can.

According to Introduction Kong Ning, GPT it may be said is upper the strongest natural speech kind deepness study framework, use understanding written language and make corresponding output. Below the union of OpenAI and Microsoft cloud technology, at present relevant product already can come true to generate and understand text, generate and understanding code, from text clew creates the function such as interlocution of image, unfamiliar didymous word. And Azure AI already from platform of application, application (AI builder) , the AI service that is based on setting, but custom-built AI model (acknowledge serves) , the respect proceed with such as machine study platform, can upgrade with undertaking for 1000 100 course of study intelligence is changed.

Build competition ability new dominant position in order to count solid confluence

Shanghai wisdom city develops academy dean Cheng Xuefeng

Make global trend as digitlization, competition of the digitlization between each country is intense with each passing day also, and be reached by promotion from digital China after national level strategy, the integral sex that promotes digital China construction in the round, systematization, cooperate with quality, already became Chinese type modernization to drive the Chinese nation in the round great revived key.

In the light of digital economy union hypostatic economy promotes a city the topic of competition ability, shanghai wisdom city develops an academy to filled Dean Xue Feng to undertake the theme makes a speech. Fill a dean to pass the introduction of face of tripartite of element of base of setting, number, number, detailed ground explained a city to digitlize a process. In setting respect, filled a dean to introduce above all flexible make in industry the advantage of 4, and the main function of beacon factory, the case that carries bright milk line of business undertook deepness is analysed; In digital base respect, fill a dean to pass " content couplet " to " several couplet " arrive again " wisdom couplet " upgrade, the case with restful finance is analytic the applied value of digital base; In data element respect, fill a dean to go to data again to the product from resource of asset hang out one's shingle, trade flow undertakes tearing open solving, reach digitlization is integral sex change, all-around ode can, the trigonometry model of revolutionary heavy model.

Water of content couplet fire control accuses the technical solution application in wisdom city

Hangzhou author of limited company of fast benefit science and technology&CEO Chen Qiuhuang

Although content couplet net has the character that setting fragment changes, but certain and perpendicular setting often has biggish market dimensions, wisdom fire control is among them one of, and the intelligence below this setting is changed it is important to upgrade to also begin to become.

Author of limited company of fast benefit science and technology holds Hangzhou concurrently the player that CEO Chen Qiuhuang regards deep ploughing as this circuit, change to fire control intelligence undertook the theme makes a speech. Chen Zong analysed fire control to use the embarrassment with conduit common net above all, include establishment net of attaint, official is hydraulic and slack, unusual wait for a problem, those who designed network of fire control conduit optimize upgrade plan. Subsequently, innovation sex ground put forward Chen Zong with fireplug + the method that photographs linkage of vision resembling a head, the terminal unit that is the others undertook couplet net turns management. In the meantime, in this plan, chen Zong puts systematic framework the first place, use the water that is based on sound wave to listen to a technology, in sensor add hold below, satisfied fire control to use the monitoring requirement of water. On the other hand, through the use that the cloud serves, in wisdom fire control this big setting fell to also derive more fire control solutions.

Supply chain with what IoT is core, the number wisdom that how realizes content abortion course of study is changed upgrade

Dish bird thing sheds IoT& of science and technology number wisdom changes blame of cleanse of king of business line chief inspector

Supplying catenary government is each enterprise the crucial one part in the process is launched in business, and content shedding serves as the core in supplying catenary government, already connected what digitlize too to upgrade at present, the channel of a perforative whole technological process becomes in each industry, each setting.

Cleanse blame is opposite the king that comes from dish bird thing to shed science and technology to be endowed with with IoT can content shedding gives priority to a problem, brought brand-new plan to design train of thought for each industry. According to Introduction Wang Zong, the end that is based on RFID at present supplies catenary to digitlize a solution to end, already endowed with can many industries flow in content board piece demand. Supply catenary and dress to supply catenary to be with food exemple, wang Zong uses layer, product layer, ability layer through correspondence tear open solution, detailed ground was elaborated flexible the value that supplies chain. On plan, wang Zong analysed the application on soft hardware, algorithmic, flow management to upgrade mainly. Finally, wang Zong revealed many brands to shed the project of the respect in storage content, in the process of analytic project, also let a person learn the importance that RFID and content shed.

Technique of content couplet net goes the application of a domain in two rounds

Peng Jiong of CEO of limited company of science and technology of intelligence of Shenzhen Europe rice

The age of travel gives in low carbon, green in, two rounds of cars already were become not two anthology, and the program of system of intelligent report motor-car that is based on technology of content couplet net, be considered as for a time inside course of study " sweet pastry " , its industry dimensions develops up to now very giant already. And the topic that gives a domain application in two rounds with respect to technology of content couplet net, the Peng Jiong that comes from Europe rice intelligence brought a theme share for us.

According to Introduction Peng Zong, two rounds of cars and the product of content couplet network that consume end are similar, the function waits in AI of control of communication of compositive location system, mobile communication, blue tooth, traffic, intelligence while, still can cooperate platform of APP of server of high in the clouds, user, tiring-room management to use. Its advantage sex is quite as tall as use value. And in market respect, peng Zong is mentioned, at present domestic and international two rounds of cars share a quotations field dimensions giant, user group adroitness is spent tall, operation pattern is clear and income is high, have enormous social beneficial result and economic benefits. After introducing product and market, peng Zong is passed already the solution of be born, revealed intelligence two rounds the car is applying medium more detail, include hardware form a complete set, and Oumizhi's can particular core technology advantage. Finally, peng Zong develops the current situation through what intelligence of two rounds of cars changes, to its future undertook forecasting, basically involve function to optimize reach setting to dig two parts. Be opposite through Peng Zong intelligence of industry of two rounds of cars tear open solution, also let more person see the other one side of means of this one travel.

Couplet of one vision content endows with the innovation of AloT and be born application of can much setting

Yingtelingda IT (Shenzhen) Sun Yaohui of limited company vise general manager

The visual plan of content couplet net, already moved toward 1000 100 course of study from wisdom city in, and counting demand of Zhi Huasheng class still very big today, two end of B, G still are worn in emerge in large numbers new opportunity.

Come from Yingtelingda IT (Shenzhen) Sun Yaohui of limited company vise general manager, the innovation that is aimed at net of visual content couplet and be born undertook the theme makes a speech. Sun Zong introduces, the vision enters the mouth as the information of 80% , collect the data that come through much sensor, in many domains at present ceaseless spurt issues huge demand, and traffic car carries in future will be -727379968 class new La Hai. Sun Zong passes the catenary of intelligent sensor industry to be a foundation with the vision to undertake an analysis, emphasize the applied value that explained chip model group and sensor, and Yingtelingda the advantage of research and development with particular product, next, the unifinication such as group, integrated to algorithmic, model platform serves Sun Zong undertook introductory, last in the technology gradual progress, the industry grows continuously today, the product of diversity and plan already began application of net of couplet of content of raise the quota gradually. Finally, sun Zong passes the comprehensive solution of wisdom gas station, the value that introduced be born application to everybody is bit more anchorage, looked into visual technology to be in the prospective trend of the industry.

EIOT helps strength strategy of retail business ESG develops

Much dot (Shenzhen) thorough of Liu Han of VP of couplet of other people of intelligence of limited company of digital science and technology

EIOT is the concept of a diversity, in digitlization predominate today, retail trade also raised new requirement to EIOT, begin to value ESG strategy progress in succession as the enterprise especially, can become a company gradually continuously people the heavy burden on the shoulder.

In thematic speech link, the Liu Han thorough of many bits of science and technology brought brand-new enterprise ESG to develop layout for everybody. Via Introduction Liu Zong, ESG serves as an environment (Environment) , society (Social) , the company is administered (Governance) synthesis, already was the serious topic for discussion of current and retail industry, be paid close attention to by the key of the personage inside many course of study. Spend from quality of energy management, product and satisfaction of safe, customer, supply catenary to manage data privacy, the concept of the E in EIOT already was extended spend to 3 dimension -- Energy, Environment, Efficiency, endow with respectively can power industry is crucial 4 element -- former, carry on one's shoulder, store, fill, and storage, content shedding and storefront 3 end, and shop, two terminal use close an account. Finally, liu Zong adopts the specification of matrix of pair of product of retail trade Wu, the stage in elaborating current 1(business) + 1(wisdom provides platform) + platform of 1(content couplet) + 3(subsystem) + N(hardware zoology) administrative pattern, will introduce the player of the bureau already was joined inside course of study.

The fragment changesIOT market, how to search standardization

Zhang Zhongliang of controller of academy of AloT star chart

Well-known, applying the fragment of setting to change is the topic of the platitude in industry of content couplet network, as a result of supply and demand the dependency with two extremely high end, also also make subsequently technical genre becomes the fragment is changed. But the fragment is changed is not an evildoing actually, also not be the situation that cannot prevent completely. Come from the Zhang Zhongliang of academy of AIoT star chart, change those who had many point of view to unscramble to the fragment.

Introduce according to Dean Zhang, the fragment is changed is a natural doorsill actually, the player was chosen for the industry on certain level. Above all, the fragment changes serious setting in, because the tycoon passes the system of whole set to take next markets hard, player of medium and small businesses had greater opportunity, and not serious setting is changed in the fragment criterion conversely. Then the first conclusion of Dean Zhang is: The fragment is changed is appear in medium and small businesses " recessive champion " fundamental condition. In the meantime, dean Zhang carries the case that aviation of civil aviaton domain maintains, offerred advantageous argument for this conclusion. Later, dean Zhang is aimed at " standardization is searched in the IoT market that influences in the fragment " problem, undertook deepness is discussed, the difficult easy level that maintains from technical diversity, applied setting diversity, construction 3 respects, standardize the advantages and disadvantages that can bring with the perspective look upon of the enterprise. As the development of the topic, dean Zhang elaborated the 2nd conclusion: In can appear in the industry that standardizes a product, industrial division of labor is very fundamental premise, but the grow in quantity of player type and amount, sure however bring price war, so Dean Zhang analyses the value of product gross profit from the angle of company profit likewise. Finally, dean Zhang passes pair of content couplet nets to appear on the market each data undertakes an analysis in enterprise 2017-2022 annual newspaper, adopt the perspective of industry observer, deepness analysed the development current situation of the industry.

Above is this second peak all thematic speech content in the meeting, and make a speech besides the theme, during this second peak is met, sponsor still just released " 2022 white paper of industry of network of couplet of Shenzhen city other people " , held as scheduled 2022 " the star of content couplet " prize-giving celebration.

The bit that adds white paper to release couplet of content of spot picture & awards prize celebration photograph

" 2022 white paper of industry of network of couplet of Shenzhen city other people " release a ceremony

(above is company of network of couplet of content of 2022 year China 100 strong)

(above is company of network of couplet of content of 2022 year China to invest value 50 strong)

(above is a list of names posted up of product of innovation of industry of network of couplet of content of 2022 year China)

(above is net of couplet of content of 2022 year China to apply a list of names posted up of surveyor's pole case)

(above is industry of network of couplet of content of 2022 year China prominent figure a list of names posted up)

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