Check of technology of indoor staff fixed position, who is just the king of indoor fixed position?


Indoor personnel locates the technology is one of technologies that develop quickly in recent years, the technology that basically uses at present includes RFID fixed position, WiFi fixed position and fixed position of the member that Zigbee room mies wife. These technologies have actor drawback each, following place show:

RFID fixed position: RFID label portable, fail-safe is better, indoors the space covers degree of range wide, can detect well and truly the position of personnel and mobile course, and precision of its fixed position tall, delay is little. However, need of use RFID technology decorates a large number of RFID to read inside the space indoors write implement, the photograph is taller to other technology cost.

RFID technology is applied to not tall to requirement of individual and mobile state, cover range at the same time wider and data logging of morbid of a few low price, if supermarket article take inventory, equipment manages,wait. Indoors many RIFD reads in-house deploy write implement, can get the seat of the ticket information of osculatory place and label, accordingly, this technology suits interior space big and the situation that needs to get information quickly.

WiFi fixed position: WiFi need not establishment of special deploy hardware can obtain a network to receive number, have the information analysis that takes in real time, can detect some engraves the policymaker the area that infiltrates enterprise interior uses a program. And its its precision is taller also. But the signal interference that WiFi technology can obtain personnel and facility, stability is poorer.

WiFi technology applies to effectiveness for a given period of time of individual and mobile condition to spend tall place demand and the applied setting that essence of life allows timing algorithm, if settle the cent on rescuing accident in Zuo management or monitoring building certain close circumstance of area pass in and out, WIFI technology can need computational facility according to signal intensity and time current position, its suitable scope is relatively accordingly a few narrower but inside less space precision is tall.

Zigbee indoor personnel locates: ZigBee regards news report of a kind of data as the technology, have cooperate with easily and article second 14 join reach the idiosyncratic advantage of content couplet net, can make mobile communication portal can fast settle subtle place need. Zigbee technology can be exceeded by applied limits the characteristic such as 40m, because fixed position of this member that its apply at indoor person has very large latent capacity. Compare with WiFi technology photograph, in stability and effect of side of interference rejection ability much better, but because its control detail problem and the likelihood is popularized harder.

Zigbee technology suits to search the in-house area that traces a cause to be environmental dependence, have the tool Zuo that unusual value detects, tall accurate and close change degree to push a company more careful turn operation. Zigbee technology suits interior space more than WiFi high accuracy of small, need and stability, and the height that needs to depend on rock-bottom interface develops an environment, belong to professional and custom-built internal system.

The place on put together is narrated, technology of fixed position of the member that these RFID, WiFi, Zigbee rooms my wife has actor drawback each and have oneself get used to setting, the enterprise needs to join self technology of fixed position of the member that actual condition selects right indoor person, single out relevant positional information finally to manage systematic program to do evaluate in the round. The talent of fixed position technique that suits oneself more according to oneself circumstance choice produces the advantage with of all kinds the biggest technology and advantage quite, achieve ideal result.