How to turn the communication cable of 50km into 1 million fiber-optic temperature sensor?


As distributed fiber-optic the ceaseless progress that passes feeling science and technology, computation of content couplet net, cloud, AI the rapid development of the new technology such as artificial intelligence, the demand that all trades and professions monitors to safety gradually strict. The traditional sensor that choose form, already cannot satisfy market demand, below this setting, common communication cable because cost is low, composition is stable, life is as long as 30 years of above, ask for the explosion proof that prevent thunder originally not electrified wait for a characteristic, became natural and high grade and in the sensor carrier with specific irreplaceable domain, pattern of beyond the mark cloth is fiber-optic pass feeling technology to turn common communication cable into temperature + sound wave is oscillatory + the field that array of sensor of stress meet an emergency made an equipment get attention. The applied range of this technology is wide, can cover the many industries such as channel of safety of fire of safety of cable of oil cop, power, colliery safety, fire control, communication.

Fiber-optic the cornerstone that is civilization of contemporary mankind informatization, belong to one of infrastructure of burgeoning country strategy. Related to our life height, as fiber-optic communication gain ground, data of 99% above video, speech, picture, file waits current mankind a moment is to pass fiber-optic will transmit. Did not have prop up fiber-opticly, the mankind goes backwards the instant 50 years, we will do not have a network to do not have long-range communication ability, invalidation of network of mobile phone computer; Video cannot be transmitted; 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G will clear afresh. But fiber-optic can use as not just communication, fiber-optic still can use Yu Chuangan (include vibration of temperature, sound wave, meet an emergency to wait) . Fiber-optic the main dominant position that uses Yu Chuangan is fiber-optic bases it is 2 oxidation silicon, cost is low (12% what cover an area of ball total mass, those who take is endless, use not exhaust) . Fiber-optic composition is onefold, anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant, fight radiation, ask for safe explosion proof originally, life 30 years of above. Those who cooperate high-grade is distributed fiber-optic pass feeling demodulation system, fiber-optic place spot does not need the circumstance of any power supply to fall, any positions of the point that can reach fiber-optic place, a few kilometers, a few kilometers, even the information such as vibration of the temperature of all and fiber-optic along the line, sound wave, meet an emergency is complete beyond about a hundred kilometer bring back, real time measures time to be able to amount to second class. And fiber-optic can bring back not only transmit feeling data, still can allow to locate truly. For instance fiber-optic lay with channel with conduit, any position conduit has leak, can accurate measure temperate location to have posture place. Science and technology of the deep in cloth is dedicated wait at meet an emergency of vibration of distributed fiber-optic temperature, sound wave, displacement fiber-optic pass feeling technology research and development, technology breakthrough of newer, technology, also be to have only station facility level of 1 million volumes is distributed sensor of meet an emergency of vibration of fiber-optic temperature, sound wave, displacement is compositive the group of ability. The group holds water up to now, in distributed fiber-optic pass feeling domain spade husbandry, hold to enterprising of “ acute meaning, development innovation ” , hold each patent and intellectual property 46. The technology of innovation has centimeter of deep pool in class cloth the deep in the temperature demodulation technology that distributed fiber-optic frequency domain codes, cloth is distributed vibration of phasic sound wave is reductive PDAS technology (model of AI of NPU nerve network) and frequency of Liyuan of cloth of Sunday run 120km moves temperature and technology of demodulation of meet an emergency, foreground applies in future capacious.

Current distributed fiber-optic passing the difficult point with feeling the biggest technology is fiber-optic perceptive resolution, perceptive resolution is OK analogy the resolution at video image, resolution jumps over clarity higher, distributed fiber-optic pass move is likewise such, pass feeling perception resolution to jump over tall Yue Lingmin. Traditional distributed fiber-optic Raman measures lukewarm technology, feeling resolution is rice class, for instance the dimensional size of ±1 rice feels resolution. But often the actual application setting of the spot is very little calorific place or leak dot and fiber-optic happening contact, the incidence of heat is centimeter of class merely it is millimeter class even, traditional distributed fiber-optic Raman measures lukewarm system to will not be felt, also do not have law fixed position, because tiny temperature changes,will be dropped on average by the resolution of dimensional size perception of bigger interval.

Current, of the whole world distributed fiber-optic the development that conducts feeling technology is facing similar technical difficult problem, how to raise fiber-optic space to feel ability, from the space of rice class perceptive ability promotion comes the dimensional perception ability of centimeter of class will be the breakthrough of a quantitative change to qualitative change, difficulty special big, need the integrated capability of academic research and project practice, traditional Lamanguang learns time domain demodulation to feel resolution to had reached the limit in the dimensional size of rice class, no matter be broadband of sampling rate, signal, narrow still,pulse precision cannot break through promotion. Without Xibuli group of deep science and technology grinds one sword 10 years, broke through this technology already overall product is changed, dimensional size perceptive resolution promotion reachs ±5cm, at the same time fixed position precision also promotes to ±5cm, mean common to same 1km communication fiber-optic, what the dimensional size of traditional ±1 rice feels resolution is distributed fiber-optic survey lukewarm system, 1km fiber-optic turned 1000 temperature sensor into array, but centimeter of class of science and technology of the deep in cloth is distributed fiber-optic it is OK to survey lukewarm system 1km fiber-optic turn 20000 temperature sensor into array, promotion extent achieves 20 times. And be not affected measure the accuracy of data, foreground applies in future capacious, in distributed fiber-optic pass feeling domain to have epoch-making sense.

Turning communication cable into temperature sensor array is a technology that has wide application perspective, channel of safety of fire of safety of cable of line, power, colliery safety, fire control, communication can be provided in oil main effect is produced in the many domains such as safety. In the meantime, the market prospect of this technology is very capacious also, prospective hopeful makes one of fields that latent capacity has most in fiber-optic sensor market. As ceaseless development of the technology and innovation, the adjustment of the price of the product, we believe to be able to more applied setting and commercial pattern emerge in large numbers come out in the future, go to this technical application in more extensive field, the life property safety that is people escorts the Emperor convoy.