NEC and Aviat are reached with respect to integrated and wireless transmission business consistent


NEC company (NEC of the following abbreviation) announced its recently already with wireless the banner expert Aviat Networks that transmit and receives a solution, inc. (Aviat) of the following abbreviation reachs final agreement, its the business of wireless transmission business and Aviat undertakes conformity, involve value 7, the capital fund that 0 dollar has with cash and stock form is bought trade.

The PASOLINK of brand of wireless transmission solution of NEC, its banner quality and dependability get of global client approbate. According to the newest trade report of Dell'Oro, depend on the client with complementary height and market, this conformity will form the wireless transmission bibcock with the greatest whole world and supplier of the 3rd big microwave.

NEC is certain its are wireless the conformity of transmission branch and Aviat will bring huge increase for both sides. This agreement makes NEC already can dedicated at its core business, can maintain firm relationship with Aviat again. Regard Aviat as the largest a few stockholder, an Aviat agrees with NEC general assign appointed directorate member, in order to ensure the abidance between two companies cooperates with the success. Both sides devotes oneself to to offer a smooth transition for the client period, and bos breaks a service, ultimate goal is to let a client gain better experience through trading. NEC will continue to be in Japan operation PASOLINK business.

NEC president holds presiding apparitor Sen Tianlong concurrently express: "As the leader of wireless transmission domain, NEC offers a solution through be the client with wide whole world, accumulated old advanced technique and knowledge. Today, we believe the business conformity with Aviat will offer more valuable solution for the client. We believe the business conformity with Aviat will offer more valuable solution for the client..

Does Pete Smith of Aviat Networks presiding apparitor express: ? Call by Shun Viat of Shu of grey Zi smooth  makes wireless transmission field the strategic goal of top class expert, also enlarged our business dimensions at the same time. Completely the radio of task of high power key that precedes the product conformity of NEC into Aviat, outdoors microwave and much frequency paragraph radio, advanced microwave road by combine with software product, will create a conspicuous solution for each clients, will bring new opportunity to seek handpick Tier 1 business for Aviat. Will bring new opportunity to seek handpick Tier 1 business for Aviat..

Aviat and NEC have cooperative history. 2019, two companies signed an agreement, hold the position of NEC to be in by Aviat the channel partner of North America. Does Mr Smith continue say: ? Call by Shun the relationship that Viat of Shu of pond of ash dropping  and NEC established 2019, the client that proves Aviat is capable to help NEC and employee implementation transfer smoothly. We hope the global client that is NEC provides high-class service and operation, carry out Aviat operation mode, improve in order to drive continuously. Improve in order to drive continuously..

Should trade to already won the approval of two companies board of directors, but need those who accord with a convention to clinch a deal condition, include to superintend sectional approval. Aviat predicts to should trade will be in the 3rd quarter was finished 2023. Pair of price that the pen trades reach value for ready money of 45 million dollar the Aviat stock of 25 million dollar.